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The United Arab Emirates, which has been scorched by heatwaves and an arid climate, is experimenting with a novel technique that uses electricity to zap clouds and make rain artificially. This Artificial rain making is known as cloud seeding.

Cloud seeding in various kinds has been around for decades. According…

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I had been meaning to write this for a long, but never really got a chance. Let me start with a brief introduction of myself. My name is Debashis Nayak, I am basically from Bhubaneswar, Odisha. I Graduated B. Tech. in 2016. …

Image Credits : theVerge

As a child I grew up with a lots of computers around me and Microsoft’s Windows XP, one of my favourite Microsoft Products. With Windows XP there were a lots of emotions connected to most of its great features including it’s Infamous BSOD.

BSOD stands for Blue Screen of death…

Image Courtesy: asc-csa.gc.ca

A few days back, I somehow stumbled upon a video on youtube where they were discussing the smallest satellite Kalamsat-V2 which is designed and developed by Rifath Sharook an 18-year-old guy from Tamilnadu, raised a ton of questions in my head. I got a bit curious to know how big…

Debashis Nayak

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